There’s upcycling furniture… Then there’s Useless Old Tart!

Useless Old Tart do not just paint old furniture… we enhance the beautiful features using professional materials and different techniques to create a statement piece that is totally unique and personal to you. 


professional furniture upcycling combined with art

Why dispose of something that’s old when it can be transformed into something beautiful!

Scrubbing, sanding, priming, painting, varnishing and art detailing!

Painting furniture isn’t just about getting any old pot of paint and brushing it on… no way!

In order to ensure a smooth durable finish we scrub the grease off, thoroughly sand and prime the furniture ready for painting.

We use ecological satin paint specifically designed for furniture. Available in all colours, the only problem you will encounter with your new project is which colour you should choose!

Between each layer of paint, the furniture is resanded to ensure that each surface is perfectly smooth, after which we apply several layers of durable furniture varnish to protect against daily wear and tear.


Send us your old furniture

Together we can style something unique and beautiful to compliment your home.


Loads of layers

Professional upcycling involves a lot of sanding and a lot of layers for that perfectly smooth finish.


Art Detailing

Don’t just choose a colour… add art to your piece. Retro lines, kintsugi art, resin art, wallpaper and more!

Who are we?

Useless Old tart was formed by Jordanne Morris from Made To Measure Art.

Jordanne decided she wanted to bring old pieces of furniture back to life! Why is it that so many beautiful pieces end up in the second hand shop or even worse in the landfill when all they need is a bit of loving care and a little makeover!

Jordanne is able to upcycle dining tables, bedside drawers, vintage chests, mirror frames, cabinets, dressers and more!

Whether you are looking for something bold and simple or eye-catching to enhance your space, contact me!

I offer a no obligation consultation.

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